Consultancy services

Delta focuses on specialized consultancy services intended to meet each client’s specific needs

Peacebuilding Services

Include conflict prevention and resolution studies; security sector reform, disarmament including demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants; etc.

Women Empowerment

Include gender equality, violence against women, child marriage, among others

Research and Assessment Services

Include baseline surveys to inform legislation and policy development as well as provide benchmarks for programme/project monitoring and evaluation, socio-economic studies to feed in programme/project designs; sector and subsector analysis to facilitate development of sectoral strategies; public sector management studies and analysis; institutional assessment; etc.

Governance and Organisational Development Services

Include good corporate governance, strategic planning, organizational development, change management and functional reviews, policy analysis and development, public financial management, public sector reforms, etc.

Programme/project Design and Development Services

Include conceptualization, design and development of programme/project frameworks that properly target the needs of the target beneficiaries. Delta also undertakes consultancy in rural and gender development programmes/projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Include design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks, testing and refining monitoring and data collection tools, and design of multi-sectoral evaluation plans. Delta carries out impact assessments, programme/project evaluations and reviews and beneficiary assessments within the public and development sectors targeting priority areas such as governance, education, health, agriculture and food security, livelihood and microfinance, etc.

Human Resource Management Services

Include human resource planning, training and development, performance management, etc. Delta realises that many public and private organisations need a great deal of assistance in preparing their staff for the challenges of nation building especially in countries emerging from conflict.

Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

We provide accessible, reliable, efficient, scalable and innovative technology solutions such as custome software development, (big) data analysis, system design, money transfer technology etc.

Training services

We design and deliver effective tailor-made trainings in different areas to fill existing gaps in knowledge, attitudes and skills within client organizations.

Management and Leadership

Performance Improvement; Leadership; Procurement and Stores Management; Human Resource Management; Communication; and Secretarial Science and Office Management

Women Empowerment

Gender Equality; Violence against Women; Child Marriage

Strategic Planning and Policy analysis and formulation

Project management

Project Planning, Project Implementation; and Project Monitoring and Evaluation


Case flow management and Business law


Conflict Prevention and resolution; and Negotiation and Mediation

Government Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Management and auditing

Agri-business development, value chain management, and Cooperative Management

Software Development and Analysis

Our team of expert develop and build your software, enable a unique business model, or upgrade your legacy system.


Delta Training and Consultancy is a private limited company established by a group of professionals to provide training and consultancy services. It is based in Kampala, Uganda with branch offices in Juba, South Sudan and Asmara, Eritrea. It will gradually extend its services to other countries in East Africa and other parts of the world.
Delta’s vision is to be a regional center of excellence in the area of training and consultancy/research activities.

Delta’s mission is to provide demand-driven, quality and cost-effective research/consultancy and training services in its areas of expertise.

Its purpose is to:
Contribute to the development of human capital in countries of the region through the provision of high quality and responsive training; and
Deliver professional consultancy services and improve the performance of client organisations in achieving their goals and objectives.

Our core values include integrity, respect, transparency, honesty, confidentiality, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

  • Uganda
  • East Africa/Eritrea
  • South Sudan

Our Team and Partners

We are regionally renowned consultants and academic professionals with many years of work experience. The founding members have, in their private capacities, offered a wide range of consultancy and training services.

Delta has a diversified staffing profile comprising 12 renowned international experts with over 30 years of work experience and 22 South Sudanese experts. These professionals have a wealth of development and management experience in Africa, particularly East Africa region. Each one of them has specialized in particular disciplines related to, amongst others, research, peacebuilding, finance and accounting, human resources management, marketing, project management, monitoring and evaluation, micro-finance, agri-business computer science, and law.

We are partnering with ACM Analytics, LLP and provide businesses large and small with rigorous data, analytic services through methodologies adapted to each purpose. We use creative and impactful approaches to help our clients analyze and interpret their data, and make data-driven decisions critical to their business. Our services include Statistical Audit Sampling, Data Mining/Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analytics and Program Evaluation: Quantitative Impact Assessment.

Major Assignments Completed

Some of the major assignments completed by the founding members of Delta include:

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